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Waze comes to Apple CarPlay

Waze Makes Its Way to Apple CarPlay




With the release of iOS 12 iPhone users now have what seems like endless options for GPS navigation. Adding to the option of using Apple Maps or Google Maps, iPhone users can now use Waze with Apple CarPlay. Just like the phone version of Waze, users will be able to add accident reports and other incidents with on screen controls. To get started all you need to do is update to the latest version of the Waze app.

If you would like to move the Waze app icon to the home screen, click here to read a quick walk through.



While the jury is still out as to if Waze is going to be a Apple Maps replacement, for the people that like the community aspect of Waze notifications like traffic accidents or speed traps they at least now have the option.


Check back later as we will do a comprehensive review of Waze features as well as how much data it uses compared to Apple Maps and Google Maps.