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How to Fix Connectivity Issues With Android Auto




As with many OS updates, there are some bugs that aren’t always fixed before release. As with the case with the new Android Oreo update, Nexus and Pixel phone users have reported not being able to connect to Android Auto. Luckily for us, Internet heroes David Bilinksi and David Burrow are here to save the day.

On Google’s Android Auto User Community they both posted fixes to the connectivity issue, click here to read the full post.

David Bilinski said:
Found the solution to this problem, apparently by default upon installing O all USB communications need to be enabled so turn on developers options, go into the setting to usb debug and it will take reboot before you can turn it on, even if you had this setting on previously.

David Burrow said:
I had the same problem. Simply turning on USB Debugging didn’t solve the problem for me. Rebooting didn’t seem to either. After much experimentation, I am finally able to use my in-dash display with Android Auto again (2017 Honda Accord Hybrid + Nexus 6P running Android Oreo). Here’s what worked for me:
1. Turn USB debugging ON on the phone. (Under developer options. If you don’t have developer options available in settings, it can be turned on by going to Settings -> System -> About Phone and taping on “Build Number” several times until a message appears saying that you are ‘now a developer’.)

2. Forget the Bluetooth pairing between my phone and my car on both the phone and the car.
3. Clear data for Android Auto app on my phone.
4. Restart Phone.
5. Turn car off-and-on.
That order was important, as I’d tried several combinations of those steps without effect until I hit on this combination. Steps 1, 2, and 3 may be able to be switched around with each other, but it seems they both had to be done before steps 4 and 5 (which seemed to need to be done in that specific order).
Also, if I start the car with the phone already connected, the car tends not to notice the phone. I have to plug the phone in after the car is started and the entertainment system ready to go.