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Pioneer Z Series speakers TS-Z65CH

First Listen: Pioneer Z Speakers




Pros: Sound is subjective but these speakers really do a good job at making an audio recording truly sound its best. Performs exceptionally with creating a wide sound stage and stereo imaging.

Cons: While these speakers will work as an OEM replacement speaker, to really take advantage of the audio quality you will need to invest in a quality head unit and amplifier.

No Compromises
The Z line of speakers are made for the people who truly want to hear more out of their music. Designed to reproduce music as the artists intended, Pioneer tapped into the 80+ years of sound research, design, and manufacturing from their TAD studio and home audio division. Matching the extensive research and design with premium materials like Twaron® to construct the speaker cones, the Z speakers are able to reproduce music smoothly at frequencies of 40kHz and higher.  By doing so, this allows listeners to go beyond the standard CD quality recordings and utilize higher quality audio files like FLAC.

With the Z subwoofers they feature a shallow basket and oversized cone and magnet design that allows you to use a much smaller enclose then comparable subwoofers of the same size.

When it comes down to it, if you’re one to really appreciate a premium listening experience these are speakers you’ll want to check out.

Z Speaker Lineup

TS-Z65CH 6.5” 2-Way Component System MSRP: $400.00

TS-Z65C 6.5” 2-Way Component System MSRP: $350.00

TS-Z65F 6.5” 2-Way Coaxial System MSRP: $300.00




Designed for Hi-Res Audio
The quality of music recordings available to listeners has evolved. Hi-Res Audio recordings contain significantly more data compared to a standard CD recording and require a loudspeaker that is capable of smoothly reproducing frequencies of 40kHz or higher. The Z speakers are designed to deliver sound that is clearer, sharper and more complex – reproducing music that is closer to the original performance.

29mm Aluminum Alloy Balanced Dome Tweeter
The Z tweeter’s aluminum alloy diaphragm allows the tweeter to remain pistonic and linear at ultrasonic frequencies. The unique diaphragm shape, developed using HSDOM (Harmonized Synthetic Diaphragm Optimum Method) computer analysis, accurately controls differential vibration produced by the diaphragm and improves high frequency dispersion. Pioneer’s Vertex Drive System improves the mechanical coupling of the voice coil and the tweeter diaphragm, reducing distortion and coloration caused by low damping and increasing power handling.
Dual Layer Cone Construction
Twaron® is a synthetic aramid fiber that is very strong, heat resistant and rigid when woven into a cloth material.
Strength and rigidity are important to keep cone shape at higher powers and maintain responsiveness. Both the TS-Z65C and TS-Z65F are built with Twaron. The TS-Z65CH features a dual layer cone constructed with both a Twaron and a cellulose layer, combining the strengths of both materials. Cellulose fibers are naturally self-damping and reduce unwanted resonance. The result is fast response and clear bass, with low coloration and distortion.

Compact Swivel Tweeter with Tri-Position Mounting Kit
More than any other speaker, the positioning and mounting location of the tweeter is crucial to the stereo imaging of the system and the overall listening experience. To ensure installation flexibility, the Z component system tweeters are extremely compact and feature a unique swivel mount that allows precise aiming of high frequencies. Pioneer’s tri-position mounting kit (included) provides the flexibility to mount the tweeter using a variety of methods: flush mount, surface mount or bracket mount, especially important for concealing the tweeter behind an original equipment tweeter grille in the vehicle dash or door.

Pioneer Z Series Subwoofer TS-Z10LS4
Z Subwoofers – The Pursuit of Perfect Bass
TS-Z10LS4 10″ Single 4 ohm voice coil MSRP: $350.00
TS-Z10LS2 10″ Single 2 ohm voice coil MSRP: $350.00

Hi-Res Audio Ready
Even in the sub-bass region, Hi-Res Audio recordings require a subwoofer that is capable of extremely high dynamic range and low distortion that integrates smoothly with the mid- and high-frequency speakers. The Z subwoofers are designed to take full advantage of Hi-Res Audio recordings, with wide dynamics, extended frequency response and extraordinarily accurate and detailed bass.

Twaron Subwoofer Cone Construction
Subwoofer cones created with Twaron are rigid and low mass with excellent damping characteristics. Strength and rigidity are important to maintain cone shape during challenging bass notes, while damping is critical to improving the responsiveness and signal accuracy. The low mass of an aramid fiber cone improves both sensitivity and the speed of the Z subwoofer, increasing output and power handling.

Shallow Basket with Oversized Cone and Magnet
Subwoofers require an extremely strong basket that holds the cone, suspension and motor structure together in perfect alignment even during high excursions at low frequencies. Traditional subwoofers require large enclosures that can be challenging to install seamlessly. The Z subwoofer features a shallow basket for installation flexibility, a low Q design for high performance in small enclosures, an oversized cone (15% larger when compared to a conventional 10″ subwoofer) and a motor structure with a powerful 67.7 oz. magnet that combine to produce fast, detailed and extended bass with tremendous impact and clarity.