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YouTube Music makes its way to Apple CarPlay

YouTube Music Now Compatible With Apple CarPlay




When it comes to streaming music, people pretty much fall into two categories. Those who pay for a monthly subscription and those who don’t. When it comes to free music streaming your first thought might be that Spotify or Pandora are the most popular, but when it comes down to it over 1.3 billion people use YouTube to stream music every month.

It’s always nice to have more choices and streaming music is no different. While Google likes to over complicate things and release multiple apps that do the same thing (case in point: Google Play Music and YouTube Music) they are at least making these apps car friendly. A few months after they released YouTube Music compatibility with Android Auto they just announced it will also be compatible with Apple CarPlay with the release of YouTube Music 3.11.

So Here’s the Catch…

With the free version of YouTube Music you can listen to their entire library but will have to listen to ads but wait for it… you cannot use it with Apple CarPlay without upgrading to the Premium plan at $9.99 a month. With that being the case if you’re looking for free music streaming you’re better off sticking with Spotify, however if you already are a premium subscriber of YouTube Music this new integration with CarPlay will probably make your day.

YouTube Music and Apple CarPlay