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Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX + Pixel 3 + Chromecast

Wireless Android Auto + Pixel 3 + Chromecast




The beauty of the Internet is that information is far more accessible then ever before. In this case, the resourceful Redditor  u/brandroidianfigured out how to use a Chromast to stream video while using wireless Android Auto. Here’s an excerpt of his write up, to read the fully story click here.

“So, I took the headunit out, connected my Chromecast to the HDMI port, and USB power off the second USB port used for Apple CarPlay since I don’t use that, and it supplied power to the Chromecast successfully.I powered on the headunit, chose the HDMI input and sure enough I could see the Chromecast. My Chromecast was still connected to my home WiFi so I connected my phone to my home WiFi as well, and reset the Chromecast. During setup I was able to choose a different wireless network to connect to so I manually entered the WiFi settings for my wireless tether on my phone (SSID, Security, Password) and the Chromecast setup informed me it would connect to that network when setup was complete.

When setup was complete, I turned on wireless tether, my Chromecast connected to it and I was able to successfully cast to my car screen.”

As always, here’s a friendly reminder that watching videos while driving is a pretty reckless. Please don’t try this while driving.