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Waze and Spotify integration

Waze and Spotify Join Forces in the Battle Against Boring Commutes




In a surprise pairing, Waze and Spotify announced that you could now seamlessly use each other’s service within each other’s apps. If you have ever tried listening to Spotify while getting your turn-by-turn navigation from Waze you’ve probably noticed the experience is less then ideal.

How it Works
With the latest update to Waze you can now just tap the Spotify logo on the map screen to access and play your Spotify playlists. A simple tap then closes the playlist information and lets you go on your merry way.

While in Spotify, a banner on the top of the screen will pop up asking if you want to go to Waze. Once you tap the banner your current playlist will continue to play while Waze opens up and you can enter in the address of your destination.  If you happened to already have Waze navigating you to a destination, the turn-by-turn directions will display at the top of the screen within Spotify.

Sounds pretty good, right? Much like Jay-Z and Beyoncé coming together to make a super couple, you never thought they would go together well but once it happens it makes a lot of sense.

Currently this feature is only available for use on Android phones as it does not work with Android Auto yet (as well as the walled garden that is the Apple iOS/CarPlay ecosystem) but this shows the possibility of potentially allowing Apple Music or Google Play integration in the future.

Waze and Spotify integration