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FordPass SmartLink app

Turn Your Late Model Ford Into a Connected Car With FordPass Smartlink




Typically more often then not auto manufactures don’t offer retroactive upgrades; after all they are in the business of selling new cars. Ford however has launched a connected car upgrade for Ford vehicles from 2010 to 2017.

How it Works

Using a device that plugs into a vehicles OBD-II port, it will allow users to control and monitor multiples features using the FordPass SmartLink app on your smartphone.



  • Lock and Unlock Your Doors
  • Remote Start – Factory remote start may be required on some models.
  • Monitor Check Engine Warnings
  • Security System – You will be alerted if someone tries to break in or steal your car.
  • Location
  • Recent Trip History
  • Speed Alerts – You can set alerts whenever your vehicle goes over a set speed limit.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot – Additional monthly fee.



How Much it Costs

While there are various plug and play connected car devices that offer similar features, you will have to pay a premium to use the FordPass Smartlink service. For a 24-month commitment you will need to pay $17 a month plus installation at a Ford dealership. If you want to use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature you get a 30-day trial from Verizon that includes 1GB of data or 30 days use, whichever comes first. After the trial period you will need to sign up for a monthly data plan.