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Catch the Wave: Tidal Comes to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto




[Updated 3/22/18]

In the “it’s about time” category, Tidal has announced that their streaming service will now be available for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (however there is no word on when/if Tidal will come to Android Auto Tidal just announced Android Auto and Amazon Fire TV compatibility). Bringing a large catalog of lossless quality high fidelity recordings, Tidal touts to have the best sounding music of all streaming services.


To put things in perspective, the highest quality bitrate that Apple Music streams is 256 kbps while Tidal’s default bitrate is 320kbps. Taking it even further, the Tidal HiFi subscription ($19.99 per month) uses FLAC and ALAC file formats for a huge bitrate of 1411 kpbs. For the data conscious listeners, one hour of regular streaming on Tidal will use 144MB while one hour of HiFi will rack up 625MB.


For those that want to hear more out of their music, you can try out Tidal for free for the first 30 days here.