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Sygic to Bring Offline Maps to Apple CarPlay




With the announcement that Apple was going to open up it’s doors to 3rd party navigation apps in Apple CarPlay, iPhone users around the world rejoiced.  Being able to use Waze or Google Maps instead of the default Apple Maps is a much-needed option.

Adding to the list of available navigation apps with CarPlay, Sygic has announced they will be offering the first offline navigation app to be compatible with CarPlay when iOS 12 is launched.  How all navigation apps work is that is uses the phone’s built in GPS to determine your location, with apps like Apple Maps and Waze it uses cellular data to download the map of your current location. The GPS location data does not count towards the cellular data plan, but downloading the map data does. Instead of downloading the maps to your phone, the Sygic app stores all of the maps on your device.

If data usage is a concern the Sygic app might be something you want to check out. While the app is free, after the 7-day trial period you will have to pay to unlock premium features like turn-by-turn navigation and voice instructions.  For these features you can either do a monthly subscription or a lifetime premium license.