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While the Internet has caused the demise of certain industries, it has also helped other industries. So while the internet caused the fall of bring and mortar retail stores, online shopping gets bigger and bigger each year.

The byproduct of more online sales is that the shipping industry has been able to ride the wave, in 2000 1.3 percent of retail sales were online to 14.2 percent in 2019. Since more goods are needed to be transported to warehouses all over the country, Mack Trucks’ looked to give drivers an updated driving experience. 

“Drivers are the single-most important part of any trucking operation, and any features that boost comfort and productivity are key to recruiting and retaining them,” said Stu Russoli, Mack highway product manager. “With Apple CarPlay and our new seats, we’re helping customers put the best trucks out there to attract the best drivers.”

So there you have it, if you’re looking into getting a Mack Truck now is your time.

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Sign of the Times: Mack Trucks Now to Offer Apple CarPlay
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