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Pandora Plus

Pandora Plus: The New and Improved Pandora




In the ever-changing landscape of streaming music services like Spotify, Apple, and Tidal, Pandora is overhauling both its subscription and free service to give listeners more flexibility.  Due in part to recently signing new licensing deals with the major music labels, Pandora has more flexibility on how they can play music. Previously there was a set limit on how many times a song could be played in a one-hour period being classified as an internet radio station.

For only $5 a month Pandora Plus subscribers, in addition to ad-free listening, will now be able to get unlimited skips, the ability to replay a track and offline listening. Subscribers to the old Pandora One service will all be migrated over to this new plan.


For those that use Pandora’s free version, there will still be ads but you will be able to have to option to earn more daily skips and replays by watching video advertisements.


Pandora is also expected to offer a third option by the end of the year as well, it will be a $10 a month on demand service very similar to Spotify and Apple Music.