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iOS Parking Feature

Now Your iPhone Will Be Able to Take You to Your Car




We’ve all been there. That moment as you step out of your Vegas hotel room and notice that 7-digit room number. Rather than making a mental note of it, you whip out your phone either to take a picture or type in the number into your notes. Then you carry on with full confidence you’ll wake up back in your own room. If only you remembered to do the same with the car you self-parked downstairs. Now, with an iOS 10 update, your iPhone will automatically save your parking location for you and here’s how.


The ‘Parked Car’ icon

A new iOS 10 feature unveiled at the WWDC is the ‘Parked Car’ feature in Apple Maps that knows when you have parked your car and allows you to create reminders or notes of your location. Your iPhone will automatically recognize when you park and exit your car with the disconnection of Bluetooth or the disconnection from CarPlay via the USB port. A notification will automatically pop up on your lock screen and a simple swipe will take you to Maps where you will find the new ‘Parked Car’ icon which is a pin of the location of where the disconnection occurred.


Turn by turn navigation TO your car

In addition to providing the ability to add notes, tapping the ‘Parked Car’ icon will open up a new section that allow for editing of the location if you want to be more accurate. Within this section you can also take a picture of your surroundings as well. While there are various 3rd party apps such as Waze and Automatic that already do this, it is much more convenient to have the feature built in to the operating system. More specifically built into Apple Maps because you can also tap the ‘Parked Car’ icon to receive walking directions within Maps back to your car’s location.

Now at least that walk of shame will be less painful.