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iOS 15 to Remove Certain Apple CarPlay Features




In a somewhat surprising move Apple has released a list of Siri features that are no longer going to be allowed when iOS 15 releases this fall. Many of these features had been available since iOS 13 so we wonder if they are planning on replacing these or are they permanently removed.  

Here is the list of CarPlay specific features being removed:


Set Climate Settings in Car

Set Audio Source in Car

Set Seat Settings in Car

Set Defroster Settings in Car

Set Profile in Car

Save Profile in Car

Set Radio Station

There are also non-CarPlay feature being removed as well:

Lists and Notes

Append to Note

Create Task List

Delete a Task


Pay a Bill

Search for Bills

Transfer Money (between accounts)


Search for Photos

Start Photo Playback

Ride Booking

List Ride Options

Request a Ride

Get the Ride Status

Cancel Ride

Send Ride Feedback

Visual Codes

Get Visual Code

VoIP Calling

Search Call History