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New features coming to iOS14 CarPlay Update

iOS 14 Brings New Features to Apple CarPlay




Normally around this time of year we’re getting ready for a new iPhone to be released, but you know… 2020 happened. While we’ll have to wait until October to find out about the next generation iPhone, Apple did release the latest iOS with some new CarPlay features.

New Kind of Apps

As anyone who has used CarPlay you’ll know that they are very fickle on what apps they allow to be used with CarPlay. Apple is now opening it up so you can use food delivery apps to get order your dinner while you are driving. Other notables are the addition of EV Charging and Parking apps.


Apple provides a few different backgrounds to choose from, ultimately this addition doesn’t really bring anything to table since the app icons generally cover the background.

Siri got a little more helpful

Small updates like using Siri to share your ETA while driving or being able to use Siri to send voice messages have been added. Because Siri is center point to  CarPlay experience, this virtual assistant will always be something that will consistently be evolving.

So while nothing major was released, Apple has been diligent about the evolution of their connected car solution.