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iOS13 Public Beta

iOS 13 Public Beta Has Been Released




For the adventurous souls who like to be the first to try things you can now apply to test out the first version of iOS 13 Beta. With this release you’ll be able to check out all of these new features:


-Redesigned dashboard

-Calendar App

-Additional Siri Support

-Removal of screen mirroring

-Dark Mode

-Do Not Disturb While Driving and Settings


-New Photos tab

-Smart photo previews

-Remove similar shots

-Screen Recordings smart album

-On this day photo feature

-Filter control

-Video editing support

-Nondestructive video edits

-Enhance control


-Adjust Portrait Lighting intensity

-High-Key Mono

Privacy and Security

-App location permissions

-Wi-Fi and Bluetooth location privacy enhancements

-Enhance anti-fingerprinting protection in Safari

-App location transparency

-Location controls for shared photos


-New map design


-Junction View

-Look Around


-Share ETA

-Improved Siri guidance

-Real-time transit

-Flight Status

-Improved CarPlay experience

For the full list of new iOS13 features click here.

To Apple for Beta access click here.