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Infiniti’s New Infotainment System to Feature CarPlay and Android Auto




In the world of product lifecycles where certain vehicle features need to last for three to four years, automobile manufacturers are usually slow to adopt new technology in a timely manner. Infiniti being no exception currently does not offer any vehicles with either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto functionality.  Looking to meet the growing consumer demand for technology integration into their vehicles, Infiniti recognized the need to totally revamp their current infotainment system.

Along with adding Apple CarPlay and Android Auto the new infotainment system will replace the current two-screen setup with one larger tablet style touchscreen, similar to what you would see in a Tesla. This new setup will allow them to remove buttons and dials on the dash to allow drivers to control such features as air conditioning from a touch screen.

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In an interview with GoAuto magazine, Infiniti Motor Company product strategy vice-president Francois Bancon said:


“The quality of the screen is going to change. We are going to improve this, of course. But we keep the twin displays … because the feedback from the customer is quite good, it’s intuitive and it works well. To be honest only the media complain about the twin display.


“But that being said we are working on the next generation with a bigger display, we are going to be a full-touch control on the same display because at the end of the day it’s more rational.”


Look for this new infotainment system to arrive in 2021 models.

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