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How to Rearrange Apps on the Apple CarPlay Home Screen




Apple loves to throw their pre-installed apps into your iPhone’s home screen, making you figure out a creative way to hide them. Well CarPlay is no different, and depending on your app usage you probably don’t use all of them. While currently you cannot rearrange the apps on the CarPlay home screen, when iOS 10 is released in September you will be able to setup your home screen however you like with these easy steps.

On your iPhone go to:


Settings > Select General > Select CarPlay > Select [Your Car]


From there you can select and drag the app to move it to a different page, or press the +/- button on the app icon if you want to add or remove it from the home screen. Some of the default Apple apps will not be able to be removed but you can move them to the second page.


rearrange icons Apple CarPlay ios10


[Update March 27, 2017]

With the release of iOS 10.3 the status bar has been updated to add shortcuts to your most recently used music, messaging, and navigation apps. Reducing the amount of steps it takes to switch apps, you no longer have to go back to the home screen to toggle between your entertainment and navigation or messaging apps.


Recent Apps Apple CarPlay Update


However take note that the three shortcuts are limited to your last used app per category (music, messaging, and navigation), so if you wanted to toggle between Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora you still would need to go back to the home screen.​