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Porsche PCM 6.0 Adds Android Auto

Hey Porsche, Open Up Android Auto




In the most recent update, PCM 6.0 steps up Porsche’s infotainment capabilities. As previously reported Android Auto is now available for the first time for a Porsche, however it is wired only. Wired and wireless Apple CarPlay are carry over features from the last version, but now Apple Music and Podcast are built-in to the infotainment system. 

Another feature is that Porsche Voice Pilot can be triggered by saying “Hey Porsche.” So if temperature is too hot all you have to say is “I’m hot” and the car will lower the temperature. Massage seats and interior lighting are also things that can be controlled via voice commands. 

Porsche also has playlist app called Soundtrack My Life which is in beta currently. According to Porsche this app, “will launch with the world’s first adaptative sound-function. The app does not just compile a playlist, but creates a personal soundtrack in real-time.” Essentially what this app can do is based on how you are driving, GPS location, time of day etc. it will curate a playlist based on these factors.