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Google Maps Can Help You to Avoid Getting a Parking Ticket

Google Maps Can Help You Avoid Getting a Parking Ticket




In the list of things that can ruin your day, getting a parking ticket is up there. No one wants to pay $50 just because the parking meter expired 5 minutes ago. With an upcoming update to Google Maps, you’ll be able to manually set a reminder of where you parked and how much time is on the meter. You will also be able to add pictures of where you parked if you need some visual clues to find your car.

How It Works

Unlike the Apple Maps where it will automatically leave a marker on the map of where you parked, the Google Maps parking reminder will be manually entered. While it may seem that Apple Maps is more convenient, sometimes the GPS marker isn’t exactly accurate and will place it few blocks away.


Once you open Google Maps, tap the blue dot on the map and there will be a menu to save your parking location. Upon selecting that, you can enter in how long you have on your meter or time limited parking space. Once the time is about to expire you will get a push notification on your phone reminding you.


When you are ready to head back to your car just open up your notifications or check the suggested places in the search screen of Google Maps.


When is This Available?

Currently this is only available in the beta version of Google Maps v.9.49 but look for it to be released in the next month. To read more about the upcoming changes (including a new arrival screen for Android Auto) check out Android Police.

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