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Ford joins in a partnership with Google

Ford + Google = Foogle




Ford announces partnership with Google to modernize their automotive experience. Being able to leverage Google resources like their Cloud services, Artificial Intelligence, and Google Play ecosystem they’ll be able to innovate at a much larger and faster scale. 

Starting in the 2023 Ford and Lincoln vehicles will be powered by Google’s Android operating system. Not to be confused with the phone based Android Auto, Android Automotive is an operating system that runs directly on the in-vehicle hardware. Meaning that Android Automotive could be programed to access certain features like door lock control, climate control and other hardware based functions.

If you’re a fan of Ford but use an iPhone don’t worry, they will still offer Apple CarPlay support within their Android Automotive environment.

To facilitate this new partnership Ford and Google creating a collaborative group of employees from both companies named Team Upshift. This definitely will help Ford become a leader in the tech space for automotive innovations.