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Ford Brings Waze to iOS users

Ford Brings Waze To Their Vehicles Using an Apple iPhone




Perhaps the most requested feature to be added to Apple CarPlay is the ability to use Waze (or Google Maps for that matter). In the walled garden that is the iOS ecosystem, it’s not very likely we’ll ever see this happen however. Ford, in their ongoing efforts to be viewed as “tech- friendly,” has come to the rescue: Waze with your iPhone.

How it Works

Instead of using Apple CarPlay, iPhone users would instead connect their phones to the in-dash display using the Ford AppLink system via a USB connection. Similar to CarPlay, Ford’s AppLink mirrors what is on the phone. To control the app you can either use the touch screen or Ford’s built in voice controls. So there you have it Waze fans, you’ll now be able to use your iPhone and Waze while driving your Ford… just not while using Apple CarPlay.