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Hey Siri, “Turn on My AC and Move My Seat Back.”




​Tucked away in the developers documentation for Siri, there are some interesting new features added to CarPlay for iOS 10+. Automotive developers are now able to integrate Siri in conjunction with CarPlay to control select features of your car beyond the existing functionality.

Set Climate Settings:  Be able to control the temperature, airflow, and AC.


Set Defroster Settings: Turn on/off the defroster.


Set Seat Settings: Change seat position and heating/cooling.


To further integrate Siri into the automotive ecosystem Apple has added the ability for automotive manufacturers to allow iPhone users to lock or unlock the car’s doors and get other car-related information using Siri.


While all of these features will add a great amount of functionality to your iPhone, it will probably be some time before the OEMs start integrating them into their vehicles. Depending on the manufacturers product cycle, we’d say the earliest we would see this become available would be 2019 models. It might seem like a long wait but be like the Philadelphia 76ers and you know, trust the process.