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BMW Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging For Your… Car?




Following Apple’s move to rid our lives of cords, BMW is following their lead and will soon offer a way to wirelessly charge the BMW 530e iPerformance plug-in hybrid. Much like how the new iPhone 8 and X use a Qi wireless charging pad, the BMW 530e will use a much larger version of that.

To charge your car “all” you need to do is drive over the charging pad by using the built in navigation to guide you into position.There’s no word yet on how much this wireless charging option will cost but BMW says that you will be able to fully charge your car in 3.5 hours, which is comparable to using the standard wired charging.  So what started with cutting the cord on cable TV, to Apple’s push for wireless headphones and charging for iPhones (a little late in the game since Android had this 2 years ago), what’s next in the wireless revolution?