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Bentley Filld fuel delivery

Bentley Owners Rejoice! You Can Now Have Fuel Delivered to You




For those living the lifestyles of the rich and famous, Bentley is now testing connected car technology that will signal when the car is low on fuel and schedule someone to come directly to your car and fill it up.

Partnering with tech startup app FILLD, your Bentley will detect when you are low on gas and automatically schedule a fill up. Utilizing a Ford F-250 that carries a 100-gallon tank of gas they will send the truck to your location and fill up your car for you.


How Much Does it Cost?

Surprisingly though this service doesn’t cost as much as you might think. They will charge a $3 service fee on top of the gas used to fill up your car. The gasoline price is determined by taking the lowest price of the three nearest gas stations closest to your car.


If this service sounds interesting to you, don’t fret non-Bentley owners. The FILLD app can be used by us common folks, you just will have to manually schedule a fill up service instead. Much like Uber, you just order a fill up through the app and using your phone’s GPS they will come to your marked location, all you then have to do is leave your gas cap open and they will take care of the rest.