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Apple CarPlay to Get a Whole New Look for iOS13

Apple CarPlay to Get a Whole New Look for iOS13




At the 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced a major update to CarPlay that will be coming with the release of iOS13. With an expected release date of Fall ’19, the newest version of CarPlay will include a plethora of highly anticipated features. Here is a quick rundown of what to expect:

A Whole New Look 

The current version of CarPlay will only display one app at a time, if you’re using navigation you would not be able to see what music is playing without going to the music app. With the iOS13 update the new dashboard will not let you display multiple apps at one time. The new grid format will now display your navigation map, turn-by-turn directions, what music track is playing as well as other apps like the new Calendar app or the status of your connected smart home devices.

Calendar App

You will now be able to view events on your calendar, making getting directions or calling into conference calls only one tap away.

Additional Siri Support

Apple has now granted Siri support to third-party music and navigation apps, meaning you will be able to now use Siri voice commands in apps such as Waze and Google Maps. They have also allowed Automakers to develop systems using the “Hey Siri” voice command.

Screen Mirroring

Before if you accessed anything on your iPhone, the CarPlay display would mirror (if CarPlay supported) what was on the phone. Now what is displayed on the CarPlay screen would remain the same regardless of what is being shown on the phone.

Dark Mode/Light Mode

Users will now be able to switch between dark or light mode.

Do Not Disturb While Driving and Settings

You will now be able to access settings directly from the CarPlay display as well as being able to turn on and off the Do Not Disturb Function.

New Calendar App
New Design for Apple Music in CarPlay