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Apple CarPlay and Android Auto comes to Electrify America's app

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Now Has Electrify America Charging App Integration




Electrify America has 650 electric vehicle charging stations across the United States. Adding in another level of features they just announced users will be able to control their app through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enabled in-dash receivers.

Adding Tesla-like features users will be able to:

Locate a Charger: Drivers can easily navigate to charging stations while on the go. Electrify America’s nationwide network allows users to plan out everything from a grocery store run to a cross-country trip – showing how many charging stations are nearby, how many of each type of chargers are at the station and which chargers are currently available.

Remote Start and Stop: Drivers can initiate or end a charge session through the vehicle infotainment screen.

View Plan Details: Access details of charging plans, including pricing and any free charging which may be included with the purchase of your vehicle.