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Android Auto as a standalone app

Android Auto for Phone Screens App




With the delayed release of Google’s highly anticipated Assistant Driving Mode set to replace Android Auto, many users who have since upgraded to Android 10 found their Android Auto app missing from the launcher.

Google did not completely do away with Android Auto, those with vehicles that have Android Auto capabilities can still connect with Android 10 devices to project full functionality. However, those who rely on their actual phone screen when using Android Auto on the other hand are finding it troublesome to actually locate the app. In an attempt at a quick fix until Assistant Driving Mode is ready, Google rolled out ‘Android Auto for phone screens’ on Nov 4th 2019 to essentially add Android Auto back on the homescreen. Yet another app (only difference is the little blue phone icon) needed to get access to an already existing app. 

As a release date for Assistant Driving Mode has yet to be announced by Google, it seems that this quick fix will stick around for a while. In the meantime those with Android Auto compatible cars will not have a problem access any of the new features available with the Android 10 update.