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Amazon Looks to expand Alexa AI Into More Vehicles




They will allow unprecedented access to the Alexa AI tech, enabling not only automobile manufactures but any automotive related company the ability to use the Alexa digital assistant to control a software experience. 

So what does that really mean? Well let’s say you want make climate control a hands-free affair, by tapping into the existing Alexa AI technology all you would have to say is, “Alexa turn on the AC.” Going a step further for the turbo crowd, want to control your boost settings? A company could add Alexa to their boost controller to change changes, “Alexa, raise boost to 21PSI.”

This program is being called Alexa Custom Assistant and is available to companies based in the USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Spain.