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How to get Android Auto to work in a Tesla

A Developer Hacks His Way to Getting Android Auto to Work for Tesla Vehicles




Quite the adventurous fellow, Emil Borconi the developer of the AAWireless app, has created a work around to get Android Auto to work with any Tesla vehicle.  Sort of…

Currently there is no Tesla integration for Android Auto to work natively, Emil’s workaround centers around using the in-car Tesla web browser. To get this to work  you first need to download the TeslAA app for $4.99. From there you connect the phone to the Tesla via Bluetooth, once that is done you connect the Tesla WiFi to the phone’s hotspot. After that you open up in the in-car web browser and it will mirror the Android Auto experience from your phone. 

Also one thing to note is that this app is still in Beta so expect everything to work 100% smoothly at this time. With over 500+ installs and seemingly good reviews Tesla owners may finally be able to get and Android Auto experience.

Check out a video of it in action over at Electrek.