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Spotify Car Thing simplifies controls while driving

Spotify’s Car Thing Is Now Available, but Is It Worth It?




Almost one year ago Spotify dropped a limited edition invite-only release of their in-car screen that lets users control Spotify directly instead of using their phone. Originally announced the price was to be $79.99 but now is going for $10 more at $89.99.

While mounting a screen on your dash would make it easier to control Spotify, at this price is it worth it? Car Thing doesn’t have a data connection or a speaker, it also does not have a battery so it needs to be connected to a USB or 12V adapter to be powered.

Since there is no data connection you will still need to connect to your phone via Bluetooth, once that connection has been made you would either run an aux cord from the Car Thing to the vehicle or have your phone connected to the car via Bluetooth.

So to the answer the question is it worth it? That’d be a no for us, we’d rather buy a luxury cellphone holder and then use the remaining $10 to buy a double double combo from In-N-Out.