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Songs to sing in the car

Playlists: Songs to Sing in the Car




Everyone does it, whether you’re stuck in traffic or you are on a road trip with your friends; you’ve started singing while driving. Now we all might not be able to channel our inner Adele but you know what? It doesn’t matter when you’re in your car. Ok so that guy at the bus stop might give you a sideways look as you belt out your rendition of Here I Go Again by Whitesnake, but who cares.  You’re in the comfort of your own car while he has the joy of sitting next to that one dude who hasn’t showered in a week.

From epic ‘80s Rock ballads from Bon Jovi to not feeling your face with the Weekend, this playlist gives you over 9 hours of songs to sing along to. Go ahead and give it a go the next time you drive to work, you know you want to.