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How Parking Can Help Reduce Traffic




We’ve all done it, circled the block countless of times in the hopes that street parking will open up. Having spent 15 minutes in a holding pattern, you face the music and fork out the $10 to park in a lot. Sound familiar?

In report released by IBM, they surveyed people in 20 major cities around the world to create a parking index that ranks the emotional and economic toll of parking. On average, drivers from around the world will spend 20 minutes looking for parking. In turn, this quest to find a parking spot contributes to 30% of traffic congestion in cities.


IBM Parking Index


While cities like Chicago and Los Angeles fall under the better part of the spectrum, it’s nice to have some options to not only save time but money in the journey to find parking. Here’s where the appropriately named mobile app and website, Best Parking, can provide some assistance. Available in 105 cities and 115 airports across North America, Best Parking will display the available lots in popular locations with a price and availability. For some parking lots you can even reserve a spot in advance with a discounted rate.


So the next time you find yourself circling the block for the hundredth time remember this saying, “Time is money.”