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[Random Facts] Charging Your Cell Phone Costs Less Than You Think




Ever work with someone who takes liberties with the office snacks? You know, the guy who will stuff his backpack with the complimentary rice cakes when he thinks no one is looking. Well our office has a version of that guy (who will remain nameless for now); he always has to charge his cell phone before he goes home.

We come to find out he does this because he thinks he’s saving on his electricity bill by charging his phone at work. Being the crack investigative journalists we are, we decided to do a little research.


Luckily for us, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes from ZD Net did all the hard work for us. To charge your cellphone everyday for a year will cost a whopping… $0.84. Yes, you read that correctly. It will cost you less then $1 PER YEAR to charge your phone every night.

“On average, during an overnight charge, the iPhone consumed an average of 19.2 Wh.
According to figures published by the US Energy Information Administration for January 2016, the average cost per kWh in the US was $0.12.
Remember that 1 kWh equals 1,000 Wh.
So, take our average of 19.2 Wh per day, multiplying that by 365 days, we get 7 kWh, which works out at $0.84 a year.”

To read the full article from ZD Net click here.

So there you go Jeff (opps did we just put you on blast? Sorry not sorry). You no longer have to “work late” just to charge your phone.