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The first car alarm is said to have been invented in 1913, since then we’ve come a long way. Nowadays alarms come standard with cars which is good an all for theft prevention, but what happens when someone manages to actually steal your car? Typically after you report your car stolen to the police you can only sit around and wait for them to find it, that is unless you had a theft recovery system installed like LoJack.

LoJack was first patented in 1979 and was made available to consumers in 1986. Utilizing a small radio transceiver if a car was equipped with LoJack and was reported as stolen, this radio would transmit it’s location to police cars within a 3-5 mile radius that were equipped with the proper receiver. According to LoJack, they have an outstanding 90% recovery rate for vehicles that had been stolen.

In the past the only way to get LoJack was to get it installed from the dealership when you first purchased the car. Now with a partnership with LoJack, the new Pioneer rDrive unit offers a plug and play solution to vehicle tracking and theft recovery. Utilizing a car’s OBDII port the rDrive unit plugs into the car, using GPS and 4G LTE cellular networks it is able to transmit a wealth of information to the car’s owner. To access all of this information all you need is your cellphone and a free app you can download for both Android and iPhones.

With the Pioneer rDrive unit it will notify you if your car has moved outside of a set area, so from getting your car stolen or towed you can instantly be notified. You are also able to see your vehicle’s location in real time. If you are a parent you can also set geo-boundaries for your teen driver so you can be notified if they go outside of an approved area. You can also set speed alerts if the vehicle exceeds a certain speed.

Additionally because this unit is plugged into the car’s OBDII port you can also monitor vehicle health for check engine codes. If you’re in the market for protect your ride, the new Pioneer rDrive is something you might want to take a look at. Starting at $200 for a 12 month subscription, the Pioneer rDrive adds another tool to give you peace of mind. For more info click here.

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