What Is the Difference Between the Pioneer AVH-4200NEX and AVH-4201NEX?

If you’re doing some Internet research on which model to get, go no further. The only difference between the AVH-4200NEX and the AVH-4201NEX is simply that the AVH-4201NEX comes with a free ND-BC8 backup camera. All of the features remain the same such as being Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible. For more information read our full review here.

Pioneer AVH-4201NEX
MSRP: $700
ND-BC8 Backup Camera

Utilizing a 1/4-inch color CMOS sensor with 310,000-pixel resolution this camera will provide excellent visibility in both the daytime and nighttime. Combined with the wide-angle lens the mounting hardware will allow you to adjust the camera angle to get the most viewable area possible on your car.

If a backup camera has been on your list of upgrades, now is a great time to take the plunge.


  • 1/4-inch color CMOS Sensor with approximately 310,000 pixel resolution

  • Wide Angle Lens

  • Horizontal View in Degrees: 129

  • Vertical View in Degrees: 105

  • Illumination Range: Approximately .9 lux to 100,000 lux

  • 7/8” x 7/8” x 1” (W x H x D)

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