How to Fix Apple CarPlay Connection Issues

If you are experience connection issues with your iPhone and Apple CarPlay you’ll want to check the basics first:

  • Are you using the correct USB cable? Cheaper aftermarket USB cables are often the cause of not being able to connect

  • Is it connected to the right port? Depending on your vehicle or aftermarket stereo, for CarPlay to work you need to use specific USB ports.

  • Do you have the most up to date firmware installed in the stereo?

Now if you’ve gone through those steps and can’t get CarPlay to connect or if it keeps dropping the connection after a few minutes (especially for those using iOS 11) here’s a quick fix that worked on our Pioneer AVH-4200NEX.

  1. Go to Settings > General > CarPlay > Tap on Forget This Car

  2. Connect your phone via USB to your stereo

  3. Pair your phone with your stereo again

  4. Restart your phone

And there you have it, all we had to do is remove the stereo from the CarPlay settings, add it back and restart the phone. Basically this is the modern day equivalent of taking out your Super Mario Brothers cartridge, blowing on it and putting it back in to get your Nintendo to work.

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